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from the VAULT #2

During our family walks through Point Pleasant Park, I would often tell the children stories about our favourite spots in the park: the goblin huts locked up tight at the corner of Cambridge Drive and Cable Road; the Troll Cliffs abandoned by those giants who carved them years ago along what is today Bridle Path; and the quiet and magical Frog Pond that was once a stone quarry.

For my second "Vault" post I dug out images of three watercolours of the park locations mentioned above. I recall wanting to render the scenes in a unconventional or stylized manner. I wanted the images to be playful and imaginative rather than an accurate depiction of each park location as they appeared to the eye. "Can I draw out the story inherent in the scene" was the guiding question as I worked on each piece.

Watercolour scene of goblins locked in stone huts. The goblins peer from windows, eager to be set free.
"The Goblin Huts": graphite, ink, watercolour pencils

Watercolour scene of a gravel path winding along steep stone cliffs. The faint outlines of giant beared men are visible in the cliff's craggy surface.
"The Troll Cliffs": graphite, ink, watercolour pencils

Watercolour scene of the stony banks along the edges of a pond. Lilly pads decorate the surface of the waters, and a magical golden crown sits on a mossy bank waiting for its owner.
"The Frog Pond": graphite, ink, watercolour pencils

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