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a sketch from the OLD APOTHECARY BAKERY and CAFE

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

E. and I went to The Old Apothecary Bakery and Café; me to sketch and her to write. Below is a sketch of the young writer at work.

This is only my second time at the Apothecary Bakery and I plan on visiting more often. The café has great atmosphere and the food is delicious. While we were there a tour group of 6 or 7 retired folk from a docked cruise ship sat, ate, and talked just a few seats away from us. It was fun listening to their conversation and on their way out they stopped by and offered E. and I the remainder of their chocolate croissant. The group had purchased at very long and large croissant drizzled in chocolate and were only been able to eat about half. The croissant had been sliced and E. and I managed to eat our fill and still leave a few slices untouched. I'm definitely going back to that café.

Old Apothecary Bakery: ink sketch
Old Apothecary Bakery: ink sketch

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