• Robert Martel


I enjoy sketching people in libraries and coffee shops. I do it quickly and discreetly. It's a challenge to nail down a pose, even a very rough and quick pose, because people are constantly moving, shifting, and fidgeting. I sketch fast but sometimes I need to wait for my subject to return to the original position I first started sketching them in. I have learned that people fidget in patterns, like cycles: nose scratch, lean back, hand on chin, lean forward, nose scratch, hand on chin, etc. So if your subject moves, relax, take a break, they will come back to you.

Below are two pages from my libraries and coffee shops sketch book. For our anniversary N. and I went to Rousseau Chocolatier and enjoyed some hot chocolate and macarons and It was a perfect opportunity to sketch a few patrons.

Chocolatier 2, ink sketch

Chocolatier 1, ink sketch

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