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quick FACES

With the two portraits below I was trying to produce a very quick but accurate likeness of my subjects, and to achieve this goal I chose to use either conté or grease pencil.

I am pleased with the likeness rendered in this first portrait. The conté glided across the paper in a trail of it's own debris, and although the subject's chin and bottom lip is a little too large I managed to correct them somewhat by softening the lines (for the lip) and darkening the surrounding area (around the chin).

N on Couch Portrait, conté sketch

For the second portrait I used grease pencil. Because of the pencil's waxy texture, it was easy to scribble in the hair as well as the shading around the subject's tired eyes. Like conté, grease pencil lends itself to various pleasing textured effects when used quickly and without indecision.

R at Thanksgiving Portrait, grease pencil sketch

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